Positive Mind

Covid -19 has caused panic and death worldwide, However the human spirit will overcome it and grow stronger and wiser. “Out of pain and suffering comes greatness and wisdom”


Thanks for everyone’s concern for me and London. In these turbulent times, remember to stay calm and focus on beating evil. Never give up! Never stop fighting! Good will win! But it must not be weak! It must be tough and fearless. IS i will meet you on the bridge! Just me and you! GW.


Terrorists your days are numbered! Because you are all inadequate! Achieved nothing and done nothing! History has shown that all good people are not scared of you all! We will stay calm and hunt you down! No matter what rock you cowards crawl under!image023

Good v Evil

There are so many good people in the world, who would’nt harm anyone! but it only takes one bad person to cause harm and death, nobody really likes dealing and confronting these types. But good people must stand firm and fight back for what’s right! There are risks and dangers, but running away from them is not the answer.image031



Honesty begins at home. It’s important to help and protect the young always!
Adults have a duty to practice what they preach! Don’t drink, don’t do drugs,don’t smoke, don’t lie, be a role model to the kids not just words but in actions!


Happiness and success come from within! Stay positive! Don’t be stopped by negativity! Laugh and fight on! Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone worldwide!10885328_10153065695380809_5651938872933274376_n