TYGA International

TYGA International governing body was founded by Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski.
He has been honoured worldwide for his incredible ability and dedication to the martial arts. Which earned him world fame and respect. He has been training in the arts since 1966. He is a World Full Contact Martial Arts Champion and a martial arts phenomenon. Grandmaster Gary has been called “The Worlds Greatest Kicker”, by several martial art magazines and experts.  He has appeared on the front covers of 20 world martial arts magazines, receiving awards from all the major Halls of Fame around the world. Grandmaster Gary also produces one the world’s elite events “The London International Hall of Fame”.

TYGA International is a modern system it was created for training in Self-Defence, Full Contact, Semi-Contact and Point Fighting and offers training in all aspects of inner confidence and awareness training. For men and women, boys and girls worldwide. For all ages and skill levels. Regardless of Nationality, Race, Creed or martial art style politics.

TYGA Martial Arts are taught in schools in the UK and USA.

In a world of apathy, fear and negativity, TYGA offers everyone, postive training in all martial arts to the highest standards worldwide.

TYGA International is registered with the World Grandmaster Council WHFSC, Police Martial Arts Association, World Kickboxing League, Universal Taekwondo Federation, World Association Kickboxing Organizations.

All clubs and instructors are checked at all levels of skill and integrity. Membership to TYGA is a privilege! That’s why we have members/instructors who have continued to train in TYGA for over twenty five years!

If you wish to join and train feel free to visit any TYGA Club. TYGA Club membership is by invitation only and subject to full safeguard checks. TYGA International was not founded to make a profit, but to keep people safe and secure worldwide.