The secret of contentment, health and happiness is regular training! Keep going even if life is difficult. Training helps the mind, body and spirit fight negativity!hollywood


Extreme Counterstrike movie 2013 LA USA . Publicty still.

Extreme Counterstrike movie 2013 LA USA . Publicty still.

There are three kinds of travel physical, mental and spiritual whatever you encounter enjoy the ride!

Fears the Movie

Hi Everybody,

Thank you so much for all of your response to my new supernatural movie Fears which i am directing and starring. I will be casting and give more details soon! I will try and use everybody if i can! Check my imdb page for updates on Fears!Fears poster 3


Whatever job or career you have, focus and complete the task in hand! It seems commonsense, but that can be a rare commodity nowadays!DSC09642


It always makes me laugh! When people criticise awards, honours and success.
Could it just be envy, if you truly don’t value these things then why talk about them! DSC09353

Filming/Acting mental strength!

When preparing for any role acting or directing it is important to accept that problems with scripts, locations, equipment, casting will happen. Besides being professional in your approach, you must stay calm and driven to your goal! This will not only help you inside yourself but also inspire others in the prodution to respect and follow your example!

On the set of Extreme Counterstrike. 2012 Hollywood, USA.

On the set of movie  Extreme Counterstrike. 2012
Hollywood, USA.