Gary is a world famous martial artist, giving seminars in fighting/self-defence all over the world. He is now a highly acclaimed film/stage actor and director in the USA and UK. His handsome looks and screen presence have enabled him to be cast in starring roles as a action hero in the movies. Directors and Producers like his powerful and subtle acting skills, plus his ability to perform his own stunts when required. He is now starring and directing movies of all dramatic genres. Gary studied acting at the London Method Academy, which was founded by Lee Strasberg and Shakespeare at the London City Academy.

Click this link to Learn More – www.imdb.com/name/nm3207578

MW Films Link: www.mwfilms.net

 Spotlight Link: www.spotlight.com/041078346868

 ” A Very Talented Actor! ” – Zuzana Korda, Vice President, Levine Entertainment Inc. Los Angeles, USA

” An actor that has special screen presence, plus the ability to play any role convincingly and professionally” – Martin Wilson, Film Producer, MW Films Inc. USA

LATEST MOVIE NEWS: Gary Wasniewski Starring in 4 new Hollywood movies


2016 and 2017

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Thanks for everyone’s concern for me and London. In these turbulent times, remember to stay calm and focus on beating evil. Never give up! Never stop fighting! Good will win! But it must not be weak! It must be tough and fearless. IS i will meet you on the bridge! Just me and you! GW.

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